About Phoenix Merchant Services

and Alexander Mirvis, CEO & Founder

While other Payment Processing companies are looking for ways to make more money, Phoenix Merchant Services is the only company in the nation that is looking to cut the fees.

The story begins with Mr. Alexander Mirvis. A highly experienced Business & Legal negotiator, who began selling merchant services account for an Independent Sales Office in 2006. What he noticed, was weird and elaborate various fees on top of what most companies advertise, which did not make any sense. Eventually he gave up on the idea of selling Merchant Accounts and moved on to a different path in life.

In 2015, the Merchant Processing business caught up with him but in a whole new light. After doing independent investigations, he uncovered a deep seeded fact. Payment Processing companies have a lot of middle guys because everyone in the industry want that little basis point from each transaction. A basis point is one hundredth of each percent. One basis point equals to 0.01%. On top of each basis point, which a lot of middle guys want, there are also separate fees such as Qualified, Mid-Qualified and Non-Qualified Transactions as well as Interchange Fees. On top of that, there are various monthly and annual fees.

Qualified, Mid-Qualified and Non-Qualified fees are essentially Tiered rate fees. Or better described as manipulated rates based on what the Processing Company decides to charge that day. It is also a good way to Bait & Switch a business by advertising a low Qualified rate but do not disclose the much higher Mid or Non-Qualified Rates.

Interchange however, should in theory be the most affordable way to accept credit cards. Unfortunately, with interchange, what many processing companies do is offer much higher rates for credit card processing than Tiered pricing. To make things worse, they even raise the Mid-Qualified and Non-Qualified Rates. Example: Lets assume a transaction for a certain Visa Credit card the interchange rate is 1.95% + $0.15 per transaction. On top of that, the processing company charges you 1.69% + $0.25 “Advertised Discount Rate” per transaction and that is just for Qualified rate. Essentially, you’re paying  3.64% + $0.40 per transaction just for a Qualified Rate. Mid Qualified and Non Qualified rates would be much higher.

Interchange is what your processing company charges you on top of what Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express charges. Each card carrier carries their own rates for each different type of card. These interchange credit card processing rates can be found online just by googling them.

What Phoenix Merchant Services managed to do is cut most of the processing fees to a fraction of what the industry standard is without compromising on their US Based 24/7 live-person technical support. Phoenix Merchant Services managed to eliminate majority of the Interchange rates, Mid-Qualified & Non Qualified rates, Early Termination Fees and much more to save business owners an average thousands of dollars per year.

How Mr Mirvis did it, is a tight-lid secret but on average, businesses save an average 40% on credit card processing fees.

Phoenix Merchant Services is also the only Credit Card Processing Company in the nation that offers our Valued US Veterans a true wholesale price for Payment Processing.

Our Values

We Strongly Believe that Businesses shouldn't have to spend that much money on Payment Processing


We utilize some of the most state of the art technology to bring our clients Fast, Secure and Affordable Credit Card Processing Services

24/7 Support

Phoenix Merchant Services is one of the few Credit Card Processing companies in the nation that offers 24/7 US Based Live Person Support.


Some of the best people in the industry are currently being hired as we speak. We Prioratize employment for Veterans First!

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